CBS 12BH7 Black Plates

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Great set of 12BH7 reviews here

Great replacement for any tube in 12a?7 family if your amp can handle increase heater current (600 mA )

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1 thought on “CBS 12BH7 Black Plates

  1. Tried this tube in Dared 300B. First tried it in the preamp stage. Great open sound. A lot of details. Much deeper and tighter bass than all 12au7 that I tried in the amp. Overall good impressions. The magic happened when I moved it to driver stage… I’m now sure where the sound stage came from, but when I started Melody Gardo’s “Who Will Comfort Me” I had to move my chair back because the sound stage just exploded. It was like my room was converted to a huge concert hall. This effect was magnified even more when I moved from Westinghouse 12au7 to RCA 5751 tubes in the preamp.. Huge success!!! It’s like having 5.1 with 2 channels only.

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